Alumni Profiles

Apr 1, 2019

Jack Hoover '58

Why did you join Sigma Chi? It was the best of the houses that rushed me, I liked the people I met and enjoyed the relationships with those people. It was a good house on campus.

Apr 1, 2019

Frank Platt ’79

Apr 1, 2019

Cal Stuckeman '37

Though his undergraduate days are far behind him, the love Cal Stuckeman ’37 has for Sigma Chi has never waivered.

Mar 28, 2019

Greg Kline ‘07

Brother Greg Kline ’07, might not have taken the traditional path to becoming a Sigma Chi, but when you’re instilled with Sig Chi Values from early age, you’re far from traditional. “Though I am a Penn State Graduate, I did not have the honor of being part of the Sigma Chi experience in the traditional sense. I was the first person to be honored with being initiated as a "Sig" via the "Non Student Initiate" program. While at Penn State, I had to work, many semesters I had to work full time just to make enough money to go to school the next semester. Some summers I would go home to work so I could come back in the fall or stay at Penn State and work. So I didn't have the the chance to rush or pledge.