Josh Zech ’99: 23 years later, the conversation just picks up where we left off 

Day before Christmas Formal 1997. (L-R) Jason Slepecki ‘99, Bob Hahn ‘00, James Cutter ‘97, Joshua Zech ‘99 and friends

Josh Zech ’99 ( says that the camaraderie was — and still is — the best part of Alpha Chi. “It was nice living in a house where you could walk downstairs and see your really good friends, you walk down the hall and there’s a friend that wants to play cards or go for a walk. It was a core group of guys that I still see and talk with 23 years later, and the conversation just picks up right where it left off.”  

He says that he started to hang out at the house as a freshman. By the time he pledged as a sophomore, he’d gotten to know the brothers well. “I just liked the people,” he said.  

Josh says that one of his favorite memories are of a spring kickoff party, everybody was amped up for it after being cooped up indoors all winter. “It was a big event with lots of bands and other fraternities and sororities. We made it a big concert day and the energy was great.”  

“I came from a small town, so it was interesting to get other worldviews at Sigma Chi that I wasn’t exposed to in high school. I had brothers from Pakistan who would bring food from home. It was also my first exposure to a large organization, and learning how things run and how to take care of things, but in a place where everyone’s friendly, so it’s not as jarring as the real world.” 

Two decades after graduation, Josh’s Sigma Chi friendships endure. “While I don’t specifically use my Sigma Chi colleagues for work — I didn’t need the networking aspect — it’s nice [to know] that if I have accounting questions or financial questions or medical advice, there’s someone I can call and trust for an honest opinion. It’s nice to have “side friends” that you can be goofballs around but you can trust their opinion. No need to maintain a certain decorum like with professional or business friends — you know you’re getting an honest answer.” 

“That’s the main thing I’m not sure I would have gotten from any other group — getting to know some fantastic people.They live farther away from me than my high school friends, but I do more with them, and have a stronger bond with them.” 

“I started attending the golf tournament when I was an active, and I have gone every year since. I’ve gotten to know people over the past 20 years — brothers from the ‘70s and ‘80s who have left a lasting impression on me. I look forward to it every year.” 

At Blue White games, there is a smaller contingent of Sigma Chi brothers who get together each year. We have 10-12 families who get together for those games. It’s so interesting to see how our lives have changed from just us to all of these families!” 

Without Sigma Chi, I wouldn’t have many of those long-lasting friendships.

Probably Halloween or Derby Days, but possibly just a Wednesday 1999: (L-R) Josh Zech ‘99, Davisson Hammond ‘03, Mike Ling ‘00, and Bob Hahn ‘00. 

2018 Blue and White Weekend: (L-R) Mike Nanz ‘02, Eugene Eignor ‘98, Josh Zech ‘99, Dave Kuhn ‘98, Bobby Peterson ‘99, Dave Knapp ‘03. 

2019 Blue White Weekend: (L-R) Bobby Peterson ‘99, Kevin Hendrickson ‘96, Tim Stem ‘99, Rob Shumaker ‘01, Josh Zech ‘99, Mike Nanz ‘02, Dave Knapp ‘03, Ryan Touchton ‘01, Bill Cawthra ‘01, and their families.

2015 Blue White Weekend: (L-R) Eugene Eignor ‘98, Tim Stem ‘99, Johnny Russo ‘02, Dave Kuhn ‘98, Josh Zech ‘99, Bobby Peterson ‘99, Mike Nanz ‘02 and their families.