Paving the Way for Alpha Chi

Dear Brothers: 

Recently, we had the opportunity to cheer on our Nittany Lions to a convincing Rose Bowl victory over the Utah Utes!  

Now, it’s time to support your Sigma Chi chapter at Penn State by participating in the Paving the Way for Alpha Chi campaign. With your participation, Alpha Chi can also claim victory! 

The Paving the Way for Alpha Chi campaign is entering its third year. Brothers have purchased 123 pavers over the first two years which has raised $66,000 toward our $400,000 goal. We have 1250 alumni brothers, so we have achieved 16 percent of our monetary goal with 10 percent of our alumni participating in the campaign. We thank the brothers who have stepped up on behalf of Alpha Chi and, in the process, left a lasting legacy.  

Funds raised will be directed to reduce the annual operating costs of the chapter and make much needed improvements, such as, paying off the outstanding mortgage, paying for the new boiler system, replacing the exterior doors, making needed improvements to the basement level and building a reserve for future maintenance needs. 

You can participate in the Paving the Way for Alpha Chi campaign by purchasing a commemorative paver as follows: 

  • 8X4 paver for $300 ($25/mo) 
  • 8X8 paver for $600 ($50/mo) 
  • 12X12 paver and composite picture in the chapter house for $1,000 ($84/mo) 
  • Constantine Society—24X24 paver in distinctive color and composite picture for $5,000 
  • Stuckeman Society—24X24 paver in distinctive color and composite picture for $10,000 (tax-deductible for individual Brother when donated through the Sigma Chi Foundation) 

Should a pledge class achieve 100% participation of its members who each purchase individual pavers, a commemorative pledge class 8X4 paver will also be installed at no additional cost to the brothers. You may even want to honor the memory of a Brother who has entered the Chapter Eternal. 

“I wanted to support the Alpha Chi Chapter because of the positive impact Sigma Chi has had on my life as a college student and the positive impact it continues to have on my life today. Many of my closest friends today are the brothers that I met in college at Sigma Chi. To the extent that they are able, I would hope that our brothers would want to give back by contributing their time and by making a monetary contribution to ensure that Alpha Chi survives and thrives in the future.” Bill (Bard) Wells, 1979 

We will be accepting orders through April 15, 2023 for pavers that will be installed in advance of the 2023 Alpha Chi Annual Golf Outing so don’t delay! These pavers will be installed along with the pavers that were ordered in 2022. 

You can purchase your paver today online by going to Pictures of the installed pavers can be found on the Paving the Way page of the Alpha Chi Website. Take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate your loyalty to Sigma Chi and the Alpha Chi Chapter and be permanently recognized at the chapter house.  

Feel free to reach out to either of us if you have any questions about the Paving the Way for Alpha Chi campaign.  

In Hoc Signo Vinces, 


Steve Pracht 

Campaign Chairman