House Corporation Officers

Board Members
  1. Jim Lundy, 82 President
  2. Richard Hantke Vice President
  3. Bill Fricker ’85, Treasurer
  4. Bruce Karper, ’75 (Past Treasurer)
  5. Paul Herbert, ’75 – Secretary
  6. Scott Fozard ’89 – Tournament Director (Past Treasurer)
  7. Bill Wells ’78
  8. Wil Woodrum ’86 (Past President)
  9. Dan Schlegel ’86
  10. Mark Dobrzynski  ’89
  11. Garett Shuster ’15
  12. Andy Gildersleeve ’67 – House Manager (Past President)
  13. William Fricker ’85

Jim Lundy ’82 


Bill Fricker ’85

Chapter Advisors

Art Weber ’82
Jay Holler ’18

Core Values

Sigma Chi’s core values are Friendship, Justice and Learning. Our vision is to become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization — aligned, focused and living our core values. Our mission is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus and community.


The fundamental purpose of the Sigma Chi Fraternity is the cultivation, maintenance and promotion of the core values of Friendship, Justice and Learning.


In the pursuit of these high ideals, the Sigma Chi Fraternity is able to offer tremendous value in augmenting the collegiate experience and supporting the lifelong journey of each of its members. We hope to assist brothers in becoming men of character, caring husbands, compassionate fathers and community leaders.

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