The Paving the Way for Alpha Chi campaign is well underway with 123 pavers sold and raising $66,000 toward our $400,000 goal. We truly appreciate those brothers who have participated so far!

Funds raised are being directed to reduce the annual operating costs of the chapter by paying off the outstanding mortgage, paying for the new boiler system, replacing the exterior doors, making needed improvements to the basement level and building a reserve for future maintenance needs.

Pledge classes that have 100% of their members each purchase an individual paver will also have a pledge class paver installed at no additional cost to the brothers, so purchase your paver and make sure your pledge brothers do the same!

“As I reflect on the successful careers of many of the brothers who were around during my time, the importance of the life skills we all learned during our time in the Chapter cannot be ignored. The value of long-lasting friendships has been a blessing in my life! It is important that we all support the future of the Alpha Chi Chapter so that our next generations of leaders receive and learn from the same Sigma Chi experience that you and I were privileged to enjoy.” Jerry Wade, 1984

Brothers who individually purchase a 12X12 paver or 24X24 paver will also be included in a Paving the Way for Alpha Chi campaign composite that will be displayed in the Alpha Chi chapter house.

Buy Your Paver now and pave the way for the future of Alpha Chi

Bonus Offer – Free Class Paver – Get your Pledge Class signed up

If 100% of your Pledge class purchases a Paver, you get a Paver commemorating your Pledge class on the walk of fame at 400 East Prospect Avenue. If the entire class buys the 8×8 paver, then the Pledge Class Paver will be the same size and placed in proximity to all the individual brothers from that class.

4X8 Paver ($300)

Up to 3 lines of text, with a limit of 18 characters/line, including spaces between words.


Line 1- Frank “Spooney” (15 characters)
Line 2- Raymond
Line 3- 1971

8×8 Paver ($600)

Up to five lines of text with 18 characters/line, including spaces.

12×12 Paver ($1,000)

It can accommodate six lines of text with 18 characters/line, including spaces.

24×24 Paver ($5,000)

It can accommodate eight lines of text with 18 characters/line, including spaces.

24×24 Paver ($10,000)

It can accommodate eight lines of text with 18 characters/line, including spaces.

We would like to recognize the following brothers who have either purchased a paver or whose name appears on a paver. Thank you to them for their continued support of our Chapter. If you have any questions regarding a paver purchase, pelase contact Steve Pracht ’76 at 404-940-4011 or



John Garber 1955 William Farkos 1985
James M. Corrigan 1957 William Fricker 1985
Edward Junker III 1959 Robert Lowry 1985
Norbert Connors 1960 William Masciola 1985
David Ashley 1963 Douglas Shaw 1985
David Kline 1964 Eric Ward 1985
Jeffrey Pruner 1965 William Burns 1986
George Cascino 1966 Kell Cannon 1986
Paul Diehl 1966 Charles Conway 1986
J. Michael Keller 1966 Jeffrey Hamilton 1986
Don ‘Stoney’ Biehn 1967 Kurt Imdorf 1986
Vernon Dibeler II 1967 Mark Polinski 1986
Robert Ianarelli 1967 Freddie Radford 1986
Louis Simone 1967 Wilmer Woodrum III 1986
Andrew Gildersleeve 1968 Eric Koval 1987
Ronald Roberson 1968 Stephen Miller 1987
Kenneth Strohm Jr. 1968 Robert Shuster 1987
James Beam 1969 Thomas Giacalone 1988
Michael Manning 1969 James Holmes 1988
Brian Vogel 1970 Christopher Lacey 1988
Stephen Lueckel 1971 John Mooney Jr. 1988
Andrew Miller 1971 Daniel Schlegel 1988
Eric Patzer 1971 Christopher Calabretta 1989
Frank Raymond 1971 Scott Fozard 1989
Thomas Strohm 1971 Remmie Butchko 1990
Ted Wile 1971 Scott English 1991
Daniel Eckenrode 1972 Mark Hershey 1991
James Cooper 1973 Christian Kiser 1991
Harry Hamilton 1973 David Lundberg 1991
Philip Thomas 1973 Michael Cote 1992
Rodney Fletcher 1974 Kenneth Demaree 1992
Robert Ball 1975 Christopher Leath 1992
Paul Herbert 1975 Merrell Ashley 1993
Bruce Karper III 1975 Robert Kemmerer 1993
Gary Mulholland 1975 Robert Ketterer 1994
Robert Corl 1976 David Kluxen 1994
William Gifford 1976 David Levis 1994
Stephen Pracht 1976 Yuri Brunetti 1996
Peter Hartshorn 1977 Eugene Eignor 1998
James Long 1977 Steven Murphy MD 1999
Mark Sixour 1977 Kevin Wicks 1999
David Yancey 1977 Joshua Zech 1999
John Robinson Jr. 1978 Mr. Blair Anger 2001
Thomas Wood 1978 Chris Bolla 2002
Chip Brubaker III 1979 David Knapp 2003
Bruce Hartshorn 1979 Drew Boesel 2004
Francis Platt 1979 Brian Fejka 2010
William Wells Jr. 1979 Anthony Celin 2012
David Ball 1980 Matt Harlemen 2012
Martin Digel 1980 Dylan Cascino 2013
Daniel Johnson 1980 Andrew Herbert 2013
John Rommel 1980 Troy Covile 2014
James Clark 1981 Ari Cowen 2014
John Felleisen 1981 Michael Fasano 2014
Thomas Adams 1982 Matthew Gordon 2014
Mark Carey 1982 Harrison Horn 2014
Joseph Conaty 1982 Richard Hume 2014
Bernard Herron 1982 Cody McCauley 2014
Richard Hume 1982 Charles Meyer 2014
James Lundy II 1982 Tyler Oleski 2014
David Overstreet 1982 George Riccardo 2014
Jeffrey Painter 1982 Thomas Rusie 2014
Jay Saludis 1982 Steven Severino 2014
Bradley Samargya 1982 Ethan Shuster 2014
Art Weber III 1982 Steven Spinelli 2014
Thom Morgan 1983 Matthew Zimmerman 2015
Kevin Murray 1983 Connor Zimmerman 2016
Barry Reichenbaugh 1983 Collin P. Conaty 2017
Mr John Alge 1984 Thomas Jensen 2017
Francis French 1984 James Holler 2019
James Rommel 1984 Aidan Zimmerman 2019
Jerry Wade II 1984 John C. Delaney 2020
Marc Watrel 1984 Benjamin Delaney 2022
Michael Brown 1985 William Delaney 2022
Scott Cassara 1985 Andrew Dixon 2022
    Jon Shuster 2022
    Morgan Wade 2024
    Garrett Shuster